Power Outages

If your power goes out, know the location of the fuse or breaker box(es) in your home; they are usually located on an interior wall near your electric meter. Check the fuses and/or circuit breakers to be sure the trouble is not in your household electric system. Plan ahead if possible, keep a working flashlight and spare fuses of the correct size and type ready to use if needed.

Contact Us

Please check out our social media posts to see if we are already aware:

If you do not have access to the internet (via smartphone, etc.), feel free to call us.  Due to the nature of service outages, City staff are unable to give estimated times for restoration unless the outage was planned.

Thank you in advance for your help in keeping things right.

Power Outage Report Form

You may also complete the Power Outage Report Form to inform City staff of the outage.  This is our preferred way of contact, as this leaves call lines open for emergencies. This notification is sent to multiple city departments.  This form is used for reporting only, staff will only contact you if they need more information regarding the outage. If your power is still off within two hours after the outage, then please call us .


Call 763-576-2903 during office hours (7 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday) and press 0 to leave a message for electrical outages, or press 1 for water outages.  In the event that the power outage covers a large area, it is very likely that we will receive multiple phone calls and the voicemail will fill.  Chances are, we are aware of the outage at that point. If your power is still off within an hour after the outage, please try calling again.  If at all possible, use the Power Outage Report Form instead; unless it is an emergency situation, then please continue to call, or dial 911.

After office hours, calls will be automatically transferred to 763-576-2860 at the fire department. You may either reach an on-call staff person, or be asked to leave a voicemail message.